My name is Ahlyzik Monroe, and I am a photographer/filmmaker based in Los Angeles, specializing in timelapse, aerial, and travel photography. I also run a creative agency called Kanna Studios where we create content for brands making a positive change in the world.

For years I worked in the tech space as a product designer until I decided to finally give it all up and travel the world to capture some of the most beautiful places on earth. My curiosity and love of the unknown has taken me to the remote salt flats of the Bolivian Altiplano, the towering horns of Torres Del Paine in Chilean Patagonia, and the centuries old temples of Bagan in Myanmar capturing imagery that invokes a sense of wonder, serenity and awe.

Travel has been a passion of mine ever since my parents took me on my first trip to Morroco at the age of 3. Since then, I've had the yearning desire to explore the far reaches of this beautiful planet and capture these incredible moments. 

The photos in this gallery are just a few of the incredible moments I’ve captured while on the road.

I hope these prints bring you joy to your home and create a sense of awe and wonder in the spaces where they inhabit.